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Road Force Balancing

& Wheel Alignment Services

Road Force Balance Services


Do you want a smoother ride from your vehicle? You might benefit from our road force balance service! Call West Side Tire and Automotive at 201-433-5123 today for road force balance services in Jersey City, NJ.

What is Road Force Balance?


Over the years, tires have gone from being tall to short in profile. Unfortunately, this means that you can feel more bumps in the road. One way to help reduce this uncomfortable roughness is to balance your tires. Using the latest technology, we apply simulated pressure to your tires to identify any problem areas. Then, we match the high point of the tire with the low point of the wheel. This can help reduce the road force and give you a smoother ride.

Road force balancing is different from normal wheel balancing. While traditional wheel balancers can help only so much, the road force balance service goes a step further. This process not only gives you a smoother ride, but can help reduce suspension and tire wear. There are many benefits to road force balancing, especially if you want to enjoy your driving experience.


While today’s vehicles are more sensitive to the road, you should also be aware that a rough ride can indicate serious problems. You may have worn out shocks or struts, uneven tire wear, or damaged suspension components. Before investing in a road force balance service in Jersey City, have your local mechanic inspect your car for any other problems.

Wheel Alignment Services


Many people drive around with the car out of alignment but don’t notice it. Sometimes it can be a subtle problem, while other times it is glaringly obvious. While you should have your alignment checked every 10,000 miles or so, you should also watch out for these common signs that you need a wheel alignment.

  • Steering Wheel Pulling to One Side When Driving

  • Uneven Tire Tread and One-Sided Wear

  • Decreased Fuel Economy


You can easily knock your car out of alignment by hitting a large pothole or curb, or if you are involved in a collision. That much force can cause your wheels to get turned and uneven. When your wheels aren’t straight, you will feel it in your steering. You may also notice that your tire tread is wearing down faster on one side of the tire than the other. This creates drag and strain on your vehicle, decreasing your fuel economy, and will require tire repair or replacement. Poor alignment isn’t just an annoyance; it can cost you money on new tires and in fuel.


When you need tire alignment, come to the mechanics as West Side Tire and Automotive. We are your local tire and wheel experts! We work quickly to get your vehicle back in top shape and on the road again.

Enjoy the Drive with WestSide Tire and Auto NJ


No one likes a bumpy ride. If you think you need wheel repair or road force balance in Jersey City, NJ, visit West Side Tire and Automotive today. If you have a tire out of round or other problem, we can help. We work quickly to get you taken care of and back on the road fast. Come by our auto repair shop to learn more about the road force balancing today!


Call the pros at West Side Tire and Automotive at 201-433-5123 for expert road force balance in Jersey City, NJ.

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