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Shocks, Struts, Suspension Repair

Shocks and Struts Repair & Replacement

Do you feel every jarring bump and dip when you drive? Does your car’s nose dive when you hit the brakes? You may need shocks and struts repair! Visit West Side Tire and Automotive of call 201-433-5123 for shocks and struts repair in Jersey City, NJ. 

Signs You Need Shocks and Struts Repair


Most vehicles today use a combination of shocks and struts. However, some vehicles have just one or the other. While they handle the same job, the two are different parts and are not interchangeable. Struts include a spring and are an essential part of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems. A shock absorber, though, simply dampens the bouncing of your car.

Both shocks and struts are designed to improve the handling and ride quality of your car. When you hit a bump or pothole, the springs in your suspension allow your car to bounce and absorb some of the impact so you don’t feel the full force. When they begin to wear, though, you’ll begin to notice. Watch out for these signs of shock and strut wear:

  • Decreased Gas Mileage

  • Knocking from the Rear Suspension

  • Rear End is Loose When Turning

  • Rough Ride

  • Small Bumps are Noticeable

  • Vehicle Sags or Does Not Sit Level When on Flat Ground


It’s difficult to say exactly when your shock absorbers or struts will wear out because driving conditions affect their lifespan. If you drive off road often, you will likely need to repair or replace them sooner than someone who drives mostly on the highway. On average, you will need shocks and struts repair or replacement around 50,000 miles.

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Suspension Repair
Have you noticed your vehicle has a rougher ride or poor handling lately? You may need suspension repair. Your car’s suspension system is an integral part of your vehicle. Not only does it connect your car to the road itself, but it contributes to your steering and handling. Easily forgotten due to its location, your suspension is under strain at all times. While most parts will last for many years, eventually they will need repair or replacement.

Depending on your specific vehicle, your suspension will consist of some varying parts. Overall though, your suspension system includes the parts that support the frame: springs, dampers, and anti-sway bars. This may include shocks and struts, control arms, tie rod ends, sway bar mounting bushings, and more. It is rare for these parts to suddenly fail, but it is important to watch for signs of wear. This might include:

  • Car Drifts or Pulls During Turns

  • Car Rides Roughly

  • Oily Looking Shocks

  • Rough Ride

  • Uneven Tire Tread

If you notice any of these problems, it’s best to bring your car in to your local mechanic as soon as possible. Driving with a damaged suspension system is dangerous, increasing your chances of a rollover and your stopping distance. Plus, it’s not very comfortable to ride around in a bouncy, rocking vehicle. Suspension repairs are often affordable and do not take too much time. However, ignoring a problem can lead to more extensive damage.

Visit Us Today!

If you think that your car needs suspension repair, visit our shop. We repair all kinds of suspension systems and have the experience to address your car’s problems with expertise. Our ASE-certified mechanics know the signs to look for and which parts exhibit certain behaviors. When you’re not sure what’s wrong with your car, just give us a call.

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