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Inspection & Exhaust Repair

Inspections, Emissions Testing & Exhaust Repair

If your vehicle needs a state-certified inspection, emissions testing or exhaust repair in Jersey City, NJ, visit WestSide Tire And Auto NJ today! Our ASE-certified auto technicians will make sure your vehicle meets all required laws. Call us today at 201-433-5123 if you have any questions.

Do You Need Emissions Testing in NJ?

The requirements for emissions inspections have changed recently, and many vehicles are now exempt. Some exemptions include historic vehicles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, and various passenger vehicles depending on your model year and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). To determine if your vehicle needs emissions testing, visit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website here.

At WestSide Tire And Auto NJ, our expert mechanics perform both emissions inspections and emissions repair. If your vehicle fails to pass inspection, we can repair your car and replace any necessary parts. Depending on the problem, this may be a quick fix or a costly replacement. The most common causes of failing an inspection are faulty oxygen sensors, vacuum leaks, rich fuel mixture, and more. These issues can often be repaired with a new O2 sensor, mass airflow sensor repair, or other solutions. No matter what the problem is, you can count on our expert auto technicians to take excellent care of you and your vehicle.

The point of emissions testing is to limit the harmful exhaust that enters the atmosphere. This includes carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide. Limiting emissions also helps your car run better and have a better fuel economy. Your exhaust system consists of several components, from your engine to the muffler. Any problem along this system can affect your fuel economy and emissions. If you notice a problem, bring your car in today for exhaust repair in Jersey City, NJ.


What is Tested in a NJ State Inspection?


In the state of New Jersey, most vehicles are required to undergo a state inspection every two years. If you have a new car, it will not need a vehicle inspection for five years. Check the date on your inspection sticker to see when your vehicle requires inspection. Come prepared with your driver’s license, proof of vehicle registration, and car insurance.

There are a variety of vehicles that are exempt from inspections, including motorcycles, electric vehicles, and some passenger vehicles. For a complete list of exempt vehicles, visit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website here. Depending on your vehicle type and other details, you may also be required to get an emissions test. If you do not pass your emissions inspection, no worries! WestSide Tire and Auto NJ is a professional emission repair facility!

If your vehicle fails the state inspection, you can opt to repair your vehicle yourself or our ASE-certified mechanics can repair it. Common causes of a failed inspection include lights that have gone out, damaged windshield wipers, and low/dirty fluids. Before coming in for an inspection, check over your vehicle to save time and money. Many points of inspection are easily forgotten, such as your emergency brake or rear lights. These are usually easy fixes that you can do yourself. However, West Side Tire and Automotive is happy to repair your vehicle so you can pass inspection.

Get Your Inspection Sticker Today!


When you need a quick, affordable NJ car inspection, visit WestSide Tire And Auto NJ! Our experienced automotive technicians will inspect your vehicle for any safety problems and issue a report.

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