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General Maintenance

Car Maintenance Services

Time for an oil change? Have you hit 30,000 miles and need servicing? Come to WestSide Tire And Auto NJ for fast and affordable car maintenance in Jersey City, NJ. Call us at 201-433-5123 to book an appointment.

When to Get Your Car Serviced

Each vehicle has a different maintenance recommendation from the manufacturer, but most are similar. We always make sure to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines so you get the best performance out of your vehicle. However, we also consider your individual car. Some drivers wear down their brakes pads faster, and sometimes older vehicles will go through oil faster. You can count on personalized, expert advice and service from our mechanics!

In general, every three months or 3,000 miles or so you need an oil change, and various parts should be checked.Check you owner’s manual for your specific requirements. Some cars can go 10,000 miles before needing new engine oil, but this doesn’t apply to everyone. Other things that should be checked during an auto maintenance service include:

  • Air Filter

  • Belts

  • Brakes

  • Hoses

  • Power Steering Fluid

  • Tire Tread and Pressure

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Windshield Wipers

  • And More!

Each of these components will wear at a different rate depending on your individual driving conditions. Some don’t need to be replaced for 30,000 or even 75,000 miles! However, with each routine automotive service, we will check all the necessary components to ensure your vehicle is in good shape. The key part of your scheduled car maintenance is that it is designed to be preventative. Catching a problem early can save you a lot of time and money!


Visit Us for Car Maintenance Today!


There’s no need to go to the dealer for overpriced maintenance services. At WestSide Tire And Auto, we will make sure that your car is in good hands. Our ASE-certified mechanics will follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines and use top-quality products and parts. Call us today at 201-433-5123 or book online an appointment now for the best car maintenance service in Jersey City, NJ!

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