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Check Engine Light Repair

Check Engine Light Repair


When your check engine light comes on, the problem could be a quick fix or require a costly part replacement. Bring your vehicle in to West Side Tire and Automotive for quick check engine light repair in Jersey City, NJ. Call us at 201-433-5123 to learn more.

Reasons for a Check Engine Light

There are many problems that could trigger your check engine light, from a loose gas cap to a damaged catalytic converter. Of course, some of these problems are easy to fix. However, others require new parts that can be quite expensive. If your check engine light come on unexpectedly, there’s no need to panic. While you don’t need to pull over immediately, you should get your car checked out as soon as possible. If the problem is serious, ignoring the warning light could lead to serious and costly damage.

Since the 1980s, vehicles have been manufactured with on board diagnostic computers. These electronic systems help control emissions, regulate fuel, and more. When the system runs into a problem, it can trigger the check engine light. Often, drivers cannot tell that there is a problem, but if you do, report it to your mechanic. The most common reasons for a check engine light are problems with your oxygen (O2) sensor, mass airflow sensor, spark plugs, or catalytic converter.

When you bring your car in to our auto repair shop, we will run a complete OBD II computer diagnostic test to identify the possible problem. Our expert auto technicians can then let you know what needs to be repaired or replaced. When you need fast, trusted auto repair in Jersey City, visit us!

Quality Auto Repair Near You

If your engine light comes on and you need repair in Jersey City, NJ, look no further than West Side Tire and Automotive. Our skilled staff are ASE-certified and can fix just about any problem with your vehicle. From exhaust system repair to a tune up, we’ll get your car running smoothly again. Call us at 201-433-5123 for fast and affordable check engine light repair in Jersey City, NJ.

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