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On Board Diagnostics

OBD II Computer Diagnostics Testing


Not sure what’s wrong with your car? When a dashboard warning light tells you there’s a problem, the simplest way to identify the issue is with electronic on board diagnostics (OBD) testing. Visit WestSide Tire And Auto NJ for fast and affordable on board diagnostics in Jersey City, NJ.
























What Are On Board Diagnostics?

Introduced to vehicles in the 1980s, the on board diagnostics system was designed to help drivers know when an unseen problem occurred with their vehicle. The system has evolved over the years, with more detailed and reliable systems installed in newer cars. Most vehicles have gone from the OBD I to the OBD II system. The OBD system in your vehicle also helps regulate fuel, monitor emissions, and more.

When a problem occurs, it alerts you with a dashboard warning light. While some of these lights are self-explanatory like the tire pressure indicator, others are more complex. The check engine light, for example, can indicate a wide variety of problems with your vehicle. To pinpoint the problem, an auto technician can use a tool to plug in to your car’s OBD system. The scanner then reads the on-board diagnostics computer for a diagnostic trouble code (DTC). These universal DTCs correspond to specific parts and problems.


Sometimes an OBD II test will produce multiple trouble codes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean there are multiple problems. This usually means that the source problem is affecting multiple parts or your vehicle. Understanding these codes isn’t easy for amateurs, so we recommend bringing your vehicle in to a repair shop to get the best results. Our expert mechanics have the experience and skill to quickly address your car’s problems and find a solution.

Professional OBD II Computer Diagnostics

Need to run an on board diagnostics test on your vehicle? Visit WestSide Tire And Auto NJ for professional OBD II computer diagnostics today. We’ll carefully inspect your vehicle for any problems and let you know what your best options are. Call us today at 201-433-5123 for computer on board diagnostics testing in Jersey City, NJ today.

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