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Rim & Tire Repair

Rim and Wheel Repair


Do you have scratched, dented, or bent wheels? These problems aren’t just unsightly; they can affect your steering and other problems. If you have damaged rims, come see the experts at West Side Tire and Automotive for wheel repair in Jersey City, NJ.

When You Need Wheel Repair


In some cases, wheel damage is purely cosmetic. However, more serious damage can actually affect the handling of your vehicle. Many drivers experience rim damage due to potholes or hitting a curb. If the force is powerful enough, it may bend or twist your wheel. Some rims will even crack. When this type of rim damage happens, it becomes a danger to you and other drivers.

Bent and damaged wheels can reduce your handling as well as your gas mileage. It’s also likely that your tires will wear unevenly, which can quickly add up in costs. Driving with damaged wheels and tires in the summer can be especially dangerous, as you’ll increase your chances of a blowout. Don’t risk a potentially deadly accident with simple maintenance and repair! Repairing a bent rim is not a difficult repair, and the pros at West Side Tire And Auto NJ can get you driving smoothly again in no time.


Depending on the extent of the damage, it is often much more affordable to repair your wheels than replace them. However, if welding or refinishing is required, you may save money by simply purchasing a new set of wheels. Our automotive technicians can help you determine the best course of action based on your budget.

Expert Rim Repair in NJ


When you need quality rim repair in Jersey City, NJ, make WestSide Tire And Auto NJ your first choice. Our expert mechanics take their time to repair your rims so they look as good as new. We’ll make sure your vehicle is in good driving condition with no more bumping or rattling. We can also help with tire repair and, if you want an extra smooth ride, ask us about our road force balance service!

Fixing a Rim

Fixing a Flat Tire

Tire Repair Service

Is it time for a tire rotation? Do you have cracks or bulges on your tires? Visit West Side Tire and Automotive today for expert tire repair in Jersey City, NJ. Call us at 201-433-5123 for more information about our tire shop services!

Signs That You Need Tire Repair


In general, you should have your tires rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, though it’s best to follow your manufacturer’s recommendation. Whether you have front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, every car needs to have its tire rotated regularly for safety and to ensure even wear.

Even amounts of wear on your tires is important for many reasons. Not only will it provide balanced traction, but it will also improve your mileage. Plus, tires with extreme uneven wear will need to be replaced, costing you extra money on new tires. One of the biggest problems we encounter is tires with uneven wear, usually due to poor wheel alignment, improper tire pressure, or suspension damage. If you notice your car pulling to one side when driving or experience a rough ride, come in for an inspection.


Other tire problems include flats and damaged tires. Even if debris does not puncture your tire and cause a leak, the tire is more susceptible to failure. This can become a serious problem when driving over rough roads or in the hot summer months. If you notice any cracks, bulges, uneven wear, or other problems, visit West Side Tire and Auto for fast, professional tire repair in Jersey City, NJ.

Keep Your Tires in Top Shape!


Extremely worn tires should be replaced quickly. Driving on tires with little tread or completely bald tires is a serious hazard, increasing your chances of spinning out or rear-ending someone. Don’t put yourself or others in danger! Come to West Side Tire and Automotive for skilled tire repair in Jersey City, NJ. Our tire shop repairs and replaces tires on all types of vehicles. 

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