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Front Repair

Front End Repair

When you need front end repair, come to WestSide Tire and Auto NJ. Our skilled mechanics can repair your suspension and get you back on the road quickly and affordably. Call us at 201-433-5123 for details or questions about front end repair in Jersey City, NJ.

Signs That You Need Front End Repair

Your front end suspension system consists of several components involving the steering and suspension. Depending on your specific type of vehicle, this might include ball joints, sway bars, bushings, tie rod ends, control arms, and more. This front end assembly can experience damage and wear over time, requiring eventual repairs.


If there is a problem with your front end, you may notice a variety of problems in your suspension or steering. You might notice uneven tire wear, a rough or bouncy ride, leaky or loose parts, or other issues. Unusual noises are not uncommon, and your steering may be less responsive. If you notice any of these problems, it’s best to bring your vehicle in for inspection quickly. A problem with your front end assembly can easily worsen if ignored, leading to even more extensive and costly repairs.


Most front end repair services are simple and affordable when performed by a professional mechanic. Come to WestSide Tire and Auto NJ for expert front end repair by our ASE-certified auto technicians. We’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicle and perform repairs with efficiency and expertise. You can always count on us for fast and affordable front end assembly repair in Jersey City.

Your Front End Assembly Experts!


When you have a problem with your front end, it can cause other problems for your car. When suspension systems are damaged, it can make driving less safe, and cause your tires to wear out faster. If you need other suspension or tire services, we can help with those as well! Just come by our auto repair shop or contact us for questions and information.

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