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Tune Up Services

Tune Up Services


Has your vehicle been performing poorly? Are you experiencing poor fuel economy and unusual problems? You might need your engine tuned up. Visit West Side Tire and Automotive today for a tune up in Jersey City, NJ. Call us at 201-433-5123 if you have any questions!

Signs That You Might Need a Tune Up

A tune up is a somewhat outdated term that refers to a service that improves engine performance. With today’s engines, this is often unnecessary, or the process looks very different than it did 20 or 40 years ago. Since computers control ignition timing and fuel mixture, there is often little to tune. However, vehicles with a lot of miles and older model vehicles certainly benefit this service. Depending on your individual car and its condition, a tune up might include replacing the spark plugs or replacing the engine air filter.


Wondering if you just need a tune up or if there’s something else wrong with your car? Visit West Side Tire and Automotive today if you notice:

  • Misfiring Engine

  • Check Engine Light

  • Old O2 Sensor

  • Driveability Problems

  • Poor Fuel Economy

While these problems may be fixed with a tune up, they could also be caused by other issues. When you come in, we will thoroughly inspect your engine for any parts that need repair or replacement. We will make sure your battery is properly charged, and that all filters, hoses, wires, and belts are not worn. Most vehicles need new spark plugs around 100,000 miles, and we can inspect and replace those if needed.

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