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Master Cylinder Replacement

Cylinder Replacement and Repair

Have you noticed that your brake pedal is mushy or sinking? You might need brake master cylinder replacement or repair. Call West Side Tire and Automotive at 201-433-5123 for expert service today in Jersey City, NJ!

Signs You Need Master Cylinder Replacement


Does your brake pedal slowly sink to the floor when pressure is applied? Do you have contaminated brake fluid that is dark brown or black? Is your check engine light on? These are all common signs of a damaged brake master cylinder. Because the master cylinder is responsible for pushing the brake fluid throughout the brake system, it is a critical component of your vehicle. Without it, the pedal and brake system would not interact properly.


You might also notice leaks or broken seals. Once the brake fluid is contaminated, it can cause various seals to deteriorate. It’s best to bring your car in to your local brake shop for a professional inspection. When it comes to brake systems, safety is a top priority. Our mechanics will make sure your vehicle has a safe, reliable braking system in place.


Problems with your brakes are not always due to the brake master cylinder. You may also need brake pads or need new brake fluid. At West Side Tire and Automotive, we are happy to be your local Jersey City brake shop! Whether you need a quick inspection or major repairs, we are here to keep you and your vehicle safe.

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Your Destination for Expert Auto Care

When you need brake master cylinder replacement or repair, visit West Side Tire and Automotive. Our ASE-certified auto technicians can expertly assess the damage to your vehicle and determine the best course of action. When it comes to a damaged brake master cylinder, repairs should be completed as quickly as possible. If your check engine light turns on, come in and we will get you back on the road.

For trusted, affordable brake master cylinder replacement in Jersey City, NJ, call West Side Tire and Automotive at 201-433-5123. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority!

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