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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair and Rebuild


If you suspect a problem with your transmission, come to West Side Tire and Automotive today! Our certified mechanics are skilled at transmission repair and rebuilding, and we always work hard to give you the best price. Call 201-433-5123 for transmission repair in Jersey City, NJ today!

Signs That You Need Transmission Repair


A problem with your transmission is critical and can quickly lead to costly, extensive repairs. Because of this, some drivers choose to replace their damaged transmission with a rebuilt one. Sometimes people choose to purchase a new vehicle instead. When you bring your car to West Side Tire and Automotive, our expertly trained technicians can thoroughly assess the damage. We will let you know the best options for your vehicle and how we can help.


To help you get the most out of your transmission, we also provide routine auto maintenance services. To prevent extreme transmission damage or failure, watch out for these common signs that you need transmission repair:

  • Brown or Burnt Transmission Fluid

  • Burning Odor

  • Dashboard Indicator Light Turns On

  • Delayed Movement

  • Leaking Transmission Fluid

  • Unusual Sounds


Your transmission is made up of hundreds of gears, hydraulics, and computerized parts. It is a highly complex system, which is why it is usually so costly to repair or rebuild. To preserve your transmission, check your transmission fluid as recommended in your owner’s manual. Good transmission fluid smells slightly sweet and is bright red. If it appears dark brown or smells burnt, you should replace it immediately. Leaks can also lead to serious problems, as the gears will not be properly lubricated.

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