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Head Gasket Repair

Blown Head Gasket Repair

Do you have or suspect a blown head gasket? Come to West Side Tire and Automotive today for blown head gasket repair in Jersey City, NJ. Call 201-433-5123 to learn more about our rates and services.

Signs of a Blown Head Gasket


Located between the cylinder head and cylinder block, the head gasket is a critical part of your engine. It is responsible for sealing the two parts of the engine, with opening for coolant and oil to pass through. When a blockage occurs, or the seal is damaged, the coolant and oil can mix, leading to serious problems. Plus, because of the head gasket’s location, it is difficult to get to for repairs and inspections. Because of this, you must keep an eye out for these signs of a blown head gasket:

  • Bubbling from the Radiator

  • Cracked Radiator Tank

  • Engine Overheating

  • Engine Running Poorly

  • Exhaust Gases in the Radiator

  • Oil Appears Milky

  • Warped Cylinder Head


When you blow a head gasket, your engine cannot cool properly, leading to extreme overheating and pressure. This is a dangerous problem that can quickly cause severe problems in your engine. If you don’t go in for a repair soon, you could be looking at several thousand dollars in repairs. If you suspect a blown head gasket, come to Wests Side Tire and Automotive today! Our ASE-certified mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle for the signs of a blown head gasket. 

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Fair Prices on Head Gasket Repair in NJ


Though you might be tempted to purchase a head gasket sealer or other quick fix, be careful. These products can end up causing more harm than good, resulting in further coolant blockages. When you’re faced with needing blown head gasket repair, trust your local experts at West Side Tire and Automotive. Our certified and experienced mechanics will honestly assess the damage and give you the best options. Bringing your vehicle in at the first sign of a problem can go a long way in reducing the cost of repair.

Call 201-433-5123 for blown head gasket repair in Jersey City, NJ today!

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